30 September 2014

What If

Answering the eternal question of can men and women really be true friends comes "What If", a love story as old as time. As the Queen of the FriendZone, this was a movie I could slightly related to.

Wallace is a regular, albeit, sadly named young guy living in New York. He goes to a party where he meets quirky and even more strangely named, Chantry. She is funny and cute and Wallace falls for her immediately. As they say goodbye at the end of the night, Chantry drops the bombshell. She has a boyfriend!
Usually a question that is asked by men quite early into the night, so as to avoid the awkward handshake at the end of the night. Which is exactly what happens to Wallace and Chantry.
But despite his lingering feelings for her, Wallace decides to remain friends with Chantry, which does prove slightly difficult. Because the lingering feelings are very pronounced and obvious to everyone but Chantry.
They bond over their random likes for things, such as a sandwich that Elvis preferred called Fool's Gold. To be fair, even I would like a swing at some Fool's Gold.
Wallace's love for Chantry increases day-by-day, bordering on slightly pathetic, with Chantry maybe possibly developing feelings for him too.
But in comes the boyfriend, who she refuses to leave, despite there being no discernable attributes. He proves to be a difficult thorn in Wallace's side. What goes on afterwards, is something that would have made the makers of When Harry met Sally proud.
The movie is well directed, with some scenes that are so well made that I wanted to pause the movie just to watch the part again.
There was an indie feel to the movie, which echoed greatly with the choice of actors. Which is not to say that it is bad, just different.
It was interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe in a movie where he smiles, but that doesn't mean he was great! And after Ruby Sparks, Zoey Kazan wasn't my favorite at all, she has really redeemed herself in my eyes.
I did like this movie, but I enjoyed the movie going experience a lot more than the movie itself. Which doesn't bode well for the movie, but do by all means go and watch the film. It won't blow you away, but it will try very hard to and you will appreciate all the hard work it puts into it.

The Good: Daniel Radcliffe isn't a one hit wonder
The Bad: This movie didn't pull me in. It was good, but had a lack of pizazz (I apologize for the lack of a better word to describe it)

1 Year Young!

I know I have been quiet for a while, but never fear I am back!
And with a valid excuse for being away. I was, wait for it, in New Zealand! (Also, Australia but that's not important right now)
I know, right?
How amazing! As a die hard fan of LOTR, and everything that comes along with it, being in New Zealand was a dream come true. As I journeyed through the mountains and the valleys of the land way down under, I could feel myself becoming a part of the movie.
Which was insanely awesome.
I also toured many places where the films were shot, including the famous Hobbiton.

As you can tell, I was incredibly overwhelmed and even at times was speechless.
Yep, yours truly was speechless, how in the world was this happening?

Nevertheless, I spent a few days walking around like a Hobbit. And now I am completely refreshed and ready to watch several more movies and television shows and review them for you!
All this talk about reviewing and I almost forgot to let you know that you have been wonderful followers and readers for a year now.
However has time gone by so quickly?
But thank you so much for sticking with me, and give me another chance to say thanks at the next aniversary.
Does that sound ok?
Good, its not like you have any options, anyway. My wonderful words would draw you back in.

Lovely feelings,
Zarah :)

The actual house at Bag's End (How cool!)